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Fractured Lives​

One phone call can change everything…


It’s a request I never saw coming. From someone I’ve spent years trying to forget.


“I need you to help me prove that I didn’t kill my wife.”


I haven’t spoken to Liam Hadley since high school. Now, his wife is missing. Presumed dead. And the cops are making no secret of the fact they think he killed her.


As a former investigative journalist, he thinks I can help him. The truth is, I’ve got my own problems. I don’t want to get involved. But I can’t say no. I still owe him for what he did that horrible night, all those years ago.


But the deeper I dig, the more I begin to fear his wife’s disappearance could be linked to a series of horrific murders of young women in Miami Beach. And whoever’s behind the deaths will stop at nothing to silence anyone who gets too close—including me.

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A Sorrow Called Sarah​

A tragic loss. A family’s deception. And a sister’s frantic search to discover the truth behind a lifetime of lies…before more women end up dead.

Sarah Hopewell had it all—popular student, loving sister, her parents’ favorite child. Until, weeks before her high school graduation, Sarah vanished from her San Francisco home. An infamous serial killer was convicted of her murder. Justice was served. Or was it?


Fifteen years later, Sarah’s younger sister embarks on a dangerous mission to finally confront her beloved sister’s killer. But as she begins uncovering secrets that threaten to tear her world apart, the bodies of young women start turning up in Golden Gate Park. All of them have dark hair and blue eyes. 


All of them look just like Sarah… 


If you like gripping, dark, and smart psychological thrillers, you’ll love Charlotte Roddy’s explosive debut thriller, A Sorrow Called Sarah. 

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